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Pet Soccer Game

Puppies’ world is changing, little dogs and cats discovered soccer and they just can’t stop playing it! See how your dog is running after the ball on the soccer field, do you think he will succeed to score any goal? It seems they are a team, but they need a leader to organize them, it’s time to join them! Take the control of your puppy, run after the ball and don’t stop until you score! For the beginning you should play on easy mode, to get some experience, and then you can try to play in normal mode, with better opponents. If you think soccer is easier when you have four legs, you’ll find it’s not so, because your opponents have four legs, too! Sometimes all the puppies will fight for the ball, is a crazy on the field, they’re running tirelessly from one gate to another, this is the Champions League of puppies!

Controls: use mouse to interact, use arrow keys to control the pets

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