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Play Fifa World Cup 2006

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Fifa World Cup 2006 Game

This tournament will be playing with a new ball, more difficult to defend by the keepers, but also more difficult to handle by the strikers. More than that, to get a higher score you don’t have just to score goal after goal, but you must hit the hotspot to get more points.

In this game you play only as a striker, so do it as a professional, this is your job and you get paid for it. Carefully set the power and direction of your shots, the goalkeeper will surely defend any ball close to him.

Select one of the corners and shot powerfully, at height, any goalkeeper can’t defend these shots. Act fast, you can’t wait too much, otherwise the player will run and shot slowly, and most probably you will miss the chance.


Controls: aim for the hotspot, click on the ball before the player kick


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